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The company was established in 2011 and was founded upon two core principals.  The first was to always provide the highest level of service and customer care to each and every one of our valued clients.  The second was to always use non toxic and eco friendly products.  Since our opening day, the company has upheld it's commitments to our clients and the environment.  As the company matured, we refined our approach to implement our high level of services.  At the same time, the company's practice also became more polished and cohesive when it came to choosing the right product line to support our vision.  The company has always prided itself in using eco friendly products, and over the years we have expanded our core principals to also include the health and protection of the planet as a whole, as well as being considerate to all of the earth's inhabitants. In doing so, our product line gradually changed from using simply non toxic and eco friendly cleaning agents, to also include the use of only all natural ingredients, and then finally to include the use of organic, and vegan ingredients.

Our product line is not the only significant change the company has undergone over the years, the company has also undergone a name change.  Originally founded under the named Reflections Cleaning Service in 2011.  The name Reflections, was to make reference to the high polished shine our cleaners strive to achieve at each and every one of our client's locations.  That goal has not changed and our cleaners have always taken special care to leave our client's homes with a professional high polished shine.  The company name was changed to Clean Conscience in 2016 to provide a more accurate and up to date expression of company's evolved vision, which is to provide the highest level of care to our clients, as well as creating the lowest level of impact to our planet and all that inhabit it; thus allowing the company to conduct business with a 'clean conscience'.

Even seemingly small decisions we make about the impact we have on the planet and the inhabitants, can add up to great rewards in the end. This is our individual way to positively contribute to the protection of the health of our client's families, the planet, and all of earth's inhabitants.

Our Original Stomping Grounds 

We first opened our doors in Calgary on March 7th, 2011.  Since our opening day, our mission has always been to give our clients 100% dedication and we feel confident that we have succeeded, and continue to succeed, in that mission.  Those early days allowed us to find our footing in the residential cleaning market, iron out any kinks, and smooth out the first bumps in the road.  We then expanded our skills to the commercial sector, and eventually post construction cleans.  It is because of those first few years in Calgary, that we have succeeded in laying the ground work for a strong foundation for the company to grow and flourish to this day.  To be trusted by our client's has been a genuine honor and greatly appreciated.  To express our sincere gratitude to all our valued clients, the company has made a commitment to continually provide the highest quality of care possible, and to always look for new ways to excel past our own personal best.

We Found Even More Pastures to Roam

Clean Conscience expanded to Cochrane in 2016 and we have been extremely grateful with the positive response from the community.

 We are happy to bring our skillful attention to detail and quality care that our big city clients have come to expect and appreciate.  We are pleased to again raise the bar of service standards in the cleaning industry for both office and home cleaning; this time in our new country side home.  We are happy to graciously give back to our new community for the encouraging and welcoming support that we have received, and we look forward to continuing to impress our clients and exceeding their expectations.


Whatever you choose to do in life, respect it, commit to it, and do your absolute best.

Organic Cleaning Service Cochrane



Calgarian born, Selina opened Clean Conscience in 2011 with the vision of providing individual quality care to homes and offices at prices that won't break the bank, or destroy the environment in the process.   After adopting a vegan lifestyle in 2013, it became a priority for Selina to also carry the expanded set of philosophies and values into the business; which has been a great success. Selina looks forward to continuing to see the same growth and success for the future of the company.


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